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Axtelera Ray™: Rise of Astrone is an epic saga that blends science fiction and fantasy with real historical events and global mythology.

First released in May, 2015 in a shorter variant, this free-to-download, 90-page preview edition of Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone introduces the story and the novel’s main protagonists, as well as the format of changing character perspectives that will be used in the full edition. To date, the preview has received almost unanimous 5-star reviews. Links to the download page and testimonials can be found to your right.

Demitra Hecataki is a spirited street magician from Greece who craves adventure and an escape from her boring life.

Victor Garnett is a popular schoolboy from England, hiding a curious secret about his recurring dreams.

When both suddenly find themselves in the possession of mysterious crystals, they are thrust into the heart of a strange Otherworld, one where mythical beings and locations are reality. Victor and Demitra must quickly overcome their differences if they are to survive haunting visions, encounters with deadly serpents, being hunted by the feared Dragon Assassin, and a conspiracy so damning it will shake the very foundations of Valhalla.

However, just as the legendary heroes of this Otherworld once wielded extraordinary abilities on Earth, so do the Earthborn here.

“The time has come for the Chosen to rise…”


Interested in reading the entire first half of the book? You can in exchange for an honest Goodreads review. Email M. J. Gallagher at for more details.


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Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone
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  • Founder & Author: Alroy Jovi, M. J. Gallagher
  • Genres: Fantasy, Mythology, Superheroes, Action, Adventure, Young Adult
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Format: PDF, ePub, MOBI
  • Length: 90 pages

“I believe Axtelera Ray has the potential to be one of the next great works in YA fiction.”

The Chronicles of Astrone is a book that I predict will be a rising star in the fantasy genre.”

“Anyone looking for a unique, exciting story, this is the book for you.”

“Wonderfully written with flowing narrative and live dialogue.”

“Looks like Axtelera Ray is going to be the standard bearer for the fantasy genre.”

S. G. Mulholland