Final Fantasy VII Unofficial Novelisation

Hello and welcome to the peer-acclaimed, large-scale unofficial novelisation of the bestselling videogame Final Fantasy VII by M. J. Gallagher, professional writer and author of Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone.

“Let me just say that I think you’re one of the best fanfic writers I’ve ever seen, simple as. Your description is amazing, your characterization spot-on and you’ve obviously done your homework with regards to the FF7 universe. I applaud you.”

– Dawn Wilkins,

“In terms of sheer workload and determination, it’s a piece of fan tribute worthy of applause.”

– Luke Plunkett,

Gallagher, a longtime fan of the classic title, has currently released two novels in his retelling of this celebrated tale, with work on a third volume underway. Available online in some form since 2009, the project has become one of the most popular fan-fictions of its kind. Following canon as closely as possible, the books seamlessly fuse familiar material with a degree of artistic license to bring the world of Final Fantasy VII to life in a new way. Included in the text are multi-tiered story arcs and layered references to every single official Compilation release, as well as elements from lesser known sources such as the Early Material Files and Ultimanias, the official novellas, and even Shademp’s Unused Text Series.

Bitesize extracts of his works are available to check out here.

In addition, Gallagher has also played a significant role in the FFVII community with articles such as the “History of Deepground Revealed”, the “FFVII Remake Trailer Breakdown” and the Before Crisis chapter summaries, as well as being one of the original screenwriters and producers of the now-cancelled FFVII web series, and consulting on many other related ventures. He has also been featured on Kotaku, and attended as a special guest at KupoCon fan events in London.

The project is ongoing and strictly non-profit, and digital versions of all the author’s FFVII work can be downloaded absolutely FREE. The eBook files for both released novels – as well as a 50-page preview of the third – can be found in the respective sections on the right, with accompanying accolades from respected members of the fan community below. In addition, you are welcome to read the books online from the author’s page or follow his Patreon account keep up with his serial chapter previews of The Cetran Legacy, including author notes and behind-the-scenes content.

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Final Fantasy VII is a story of love, hate, war, and peace, in which one man can make a difference that will last forever…

This is a labour of love and available to everyone at no cost.  However, if you wish to pledge a donation of any amount as a token of appreciation for the author’s time and effort, it would be most welcome, and will have its own rewards.  Pledges can be made via Patreon here.


Please note that the project is in no way affiliated with Square-Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.  All material without exception derived from Final Fantasy® VII (1997), Before Crisis: Final Fantasy® VII (2004), Final Fantasy® VII: Advent Children (2005), Last Order: Final Fantasy® VII (2005), Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy® VII (2006), Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode: Final Fantasy® VII (2006), Crisis Core: Final Fantasy® VII (2008), On the Way to a Smile: Final Fantasy® VII (2009), and other official publications is property of Square-Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.  No copyright infringement intended.

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Volume VII: A New Threat

(Game opening – Nibelheim flashback)

The Shinra Corporation is draining the Planet of its life-force.  Cloud Strife, a cold-hearted mercenary with a history connected to Shinra’s elite army, SOLDIER, finds himself working for a rebel band of eco-warriors who are set on bringing the Company down.  His immediate past unknown to him, Cloud accepts a mission from the group, AVALANCHE, unaware that it will begin him on a journey of self-discovery which will change not only his life, but the lives of every soul on the Planet.

DOWNLOAD this full 300+ page eBook for free here (available in PDF, ePub and Kindle MOBI) or arrange a paperback edition here.

Volume VIII: The Man in the Black Cloak

(Kalm – Cosmo Canyon)

Cloud Strife is hunting the legendary soldier who murdered his mother and burned his hometown to the ground five years ago.  The reluctant leader of an eclectic group, each on a journey to settle their past and realise their future, he must forge a unity that will keep them from the far-reaching grasp of the powerful Shinra Corporation while it continues to damage the Planet.  Branded terrorists and fugitives, their pursuit will take them halfway around the world, and it is only a matter of time before they find and confront the man in the black cloak.

DOWNLOAD this full 470+ page eBook for free here (available in PDF, ePub and Kindle MOBI) or arrange a paperback edition here.

Volume IX: The Cetran Legacy

(Cosmo Canyon – Forgotten Capital)

The Planet is dying: its wounded cries echo in the night for those who can hear them. Strained between the thankless crusades of ending the Shinra Corporation’s drain on global energy resources, and unravelling the mystery of Sephiroth’s wicked intentions, Cloud Strife and the freedom fighters of AVALANCHE become deeper entwined in the looming threats. With the last surviving Cetra in their midst and an opportunity to save the Planet from the brink of disaster, it is a race against time to stop Sephiroth obtaining the Black Materia, but to do so will cost them dearly.

DOWNLOAD the 50-page preview eBook for free here (available in PDF, ePub and Kindle MOBI) or follow the web serial chapter releases here.

In addition, small shorts from other titles in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII can be found here.


A very special thank you to project editors Tim Smith, Tabitha Potter, Adam Sawka, Chantelle Gousseau and Jonathon Myhre as well as logo artist John Rose, who have all helped bring this novelisation to life.

Critiques of the project have been almost unanimously positive.  Here is a notable selection:

“You bring great talent to your retelling, and your thorough knowledge of the other entries in the Compilation really shines here. When it’s done, I anticipate that this will be the definitive tome for Compilation fans.”

– Mr. Ite (author of ‘The Jenova Project’)

“[The first novel] was really awesome. You know, I am a comic character junkie and, as a literature major, I’ve always enjoyed novels a bit more than comics because it’s more of a writer’s medium. I’ve read 4 or 5 Batman novelizations, 3 Green Lantern novels and one for Wonder Woman (put out by DC Comics), but I think what I’ve read of your Final Fantasy prose is actually better than those.”

– Margie Vizcarra Cox (actress and renowned cosplayer)

“It speaks volumes that [the author] has managed to gel this information together in an engaging and cohesive piece of writing that not only manages to be canonically accurate — but that is also very entertaining for any VII fan.”

– Prince Lex (lead administrator at

“More than one FFVII fan has attempted a novelization of the game. Though not all have been terrible (most were), and while more than one is genuinely good, one would be exceedingly hard-pressed to say that any other such venture has done as compelling a job of feeling rooted in the world of the source material. Gallagher’s efforts may not be a replacement for the experience of the Compilation itself, but they feel like a legitimate vantage on its contents.”

—Squall of SeeD (legendary online article writer)

“[The author has done] a great job of preserving a delicate balance. He integrates official and new dialogue just enough to make the mythology feel like a whole by acknowledging the entire Compilation of FFVII … His dedication shines by incorporating stuff from my own project.”

– Shademp (community legend)

“The author has invested many years into this project; the result of his labors is a literary masterpiece that is, in my opinion, unparalleled among FFVII’s fandom. Gallagher has done a meticulous job at drawing together the many countless details presented in the FFVII compilation in order to paint a wholesome picture of the legend that is Final Fantasy VII. The story as Gallagher presents it is fresh and engaging, and I’m saying so from the viewpoint of someone who has played FFVII a million and one times in my life. Please support the author; I’m sure that we can expect many great things from him to come.”

– Nephany (Final Fantasy online community veteran)

If you wish to contact the author, please do so via his Facebook or Twitter pages or by emailing

M. J. Gallagher will be attending future KupoCon events in the UK and (possibly) overseas.