Marjolaine Lebrasseur

Set Designer, Props Making, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Virtual Reality, Storyboard Artist, Concept Artist


  • Nottingham Trent University – Short course in children’s book illustration.
  • Nottingham Trent University – MA in Design for Film, Television and Events, Distinction.
  • Nottingham Trent University – BA (Hons) Design for Film and Television.
  • Lycée Saint Joseph, France Baccalauréat Scientifique Option Internationale


Marjolaine is a 2D artist/graphic designer with a large set of skills. She worked on short films and books in freelance, producing character concept art and storyboards. She also worked as a Set Designer/Digital Artist in a VR production house where she designed presentations, produced matte paintings, created motion graphics and composited final videos. Her passion lies in particular in traditional and digital art, capturing emotions on paper when creating portraits with a variety of media. She enjoys trying new techniques including experimenting with pen drawing and watercolour.

Originally from Normandy in France, Marjolaine lived a year in Marocco in 1995 and later moved to Malaysia for seven years. She came back to France before leaving again to study in the UK in 2010. She made the most of her travels and took the opportunity to visit countries such as Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Norway, the US and Canada. In 2013, Marjolaine graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Design for Film and Television, which she then furthered with a Master of Arts in Design for Film, Television and Events. With a practice-based project, Marjolaine explored concept art and produced an art book looking at the different ways by which a fairy tale could be adapted to different genres in Film. In the meantime, she also attended a short course in children’s book illustration taught by Dr Sarah McConnell.

When she first came across the preview edition of Axtelera Ray, Marjolaine was immediately intrigued by the premise. The idea behind the story is something new, something that has never been done before. The characters are very well defined and the book is pleasant to read. Marjolaine joined the team in 2016 and has been enjoying sketching and drawing some of the key characters of Axtelera Ray. She works both traditionally and digitally to sketch and capture the characters’ appearance on paper.

Marjolaine is also working on her own series of novel during her spare time, as well as a little story for children that she hopes to illustrate herself.




Concept Art
Motion Graphics
Set Dressing
Virtual Reality


Bring your vision to life through detailed concept art. We have a deep understanding of a multitude of styles and tones to suit your requirements. We use a combination of software from Autodesk Maya to Photoshop.


Make an instruction manual or a construction project easier to understand by converting words on paper into 2D/3D inforgraphics. We will create the graphics to fit your characters/objects/elements and will animate them to fit the voiceover or instructions you provide us.


Add motion graphics to enhance your videos. Motion graphics can include sentences, wording, patterns or graphics in order to give the video a better flow, and be more informative. We can add sci-fi styled graphics to give a futuristic edge to your end product.


Here at The Mighty Compass, we understand that we all have a vision, and the difficulty involved in bringing it to life. We will create storyboards, from rough to polished, in order to evolve your story visually.