Our mission is to produce an exciting series of fantasy novels that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, captivating our readers and encouraging them to delve deeper into the Axtelera Ray™ universe. These books will introduce and follow the stories of new superheroes – already loved by a number of our amazing fans around the world – to show how even the unlikeliest of characters can be destined for greatness. While the tales within are a work of fiction, they will be crammed with elements of real history and mythology, drawing from cultures in every corner of the globe. It is our aim to remain as faithful and respectful to each culture as possible, acknowledging the vast array of social beliefs that exist and have existed through the ages.


Axtelera Ray: Rise of Astrone is an epic saga that fuses fantasy and superheroes with real historical events and global mythology.


In addition to book content, our creative team will be producing a series of 3D artworks, character illustrations, concept landscapes, animated project trailers, and much more. It is our ambition to make the Axtelera Ray™ experience more than just a novel, and will encourage further learning by way of our online encyclopaedia, exploring the history and mythology behind the saga. To assist our endeavours and promote their own work, we welcome submissions from other artists for us to feature on our social media pages, as well as sponsorship from any businesses wishing to affiliate or advertise with us.

It is the long-term mission of Team AXR to establish a fantasy franchise that will combine entertainment with education, and not be limited to the medium of books. We hope to one day expand the project into the gaming, comic, music and film industries..

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