Special Thanks

Team AXR would like to offer our special thanks to a number of individuals and businesses who have helped and supported us on our adventure:

  • Sound
  • Books
  • Artists
  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Media and Marketing
  • Equipment

Andrew NicolAndrew Nicol

  • Special Thanks : Tattooist Andy for his fantastic custom artwork used on the website
  • Facebook page
  • Glasgow, Scotland

Will ConwayWill Conway

    • Special Thanks : Sound engineer Will for providing audio support on our 2015 promo video
    • Facebook page
    • Glasgow, Scotland
Media and Marketing

Olga Semyonova

Olga Semyonova

  • Special Thanks : Olga for helping provide great support behind the scenes, by translating the Axtelera Ray 2012 novel trailer from English into Russian.
  • Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Gemma AveryGemma Avery

  • Special Thanks : Gemma for providing great reviews and an article.
  • United Kingdom

Mansi BabbarMansi Babbar

  • Special Thanks : Mansi for helping in marketing in 2011.
  • Bhopal, India
Photographers and Videographers

Cullen LustedCullen Lusted

  • Special Thanks : Videographer and photographer Cullen for his work on the 2014 promo video.
  • Luton, England

Krissy BrownKrissy Brown

    • Special Thanks : Krissy for providing us with an amazing stock photograph of  Lindsay, Demitra’s character model.
    • Krissy’s Facebook and DeviantArt pages
    • Kansas City, Missouri

Alexander SepelAlexander Sepel

  • Special Thanks : Alex for helping out with our photography, videography and editing needs, his support on the project and being a great friend.
  • Lithuania

Michael McCrossanMichael McCrossan

  • Special Thanks : Michael for his help filming on the anniversary documentary.
  • Glasgow, Scotland
Top Donators

M. J. Gallagher would also like to thank the generous donators on his author Patreon account. In particular, Alan Kenny, Jonathon Myhre, Josh McIntyre, Robin Berg, Joe Tunesi and Gary Mountain. Your support helps keeps these projects alive.


Margie Vizcarra CoxMargie Vizcarra Cox

    • Special Thanks : Margie Vizcarra Cox, for being the face of Axtelera Ray July 2013 poster.

Lindsay JohnsonLindsay Johnson

  • Special Thanks : Lindsay for being the face of our main character Demitra.
  • Blue Springs, Missouri

Ira PalaioudiIra Palaioudi

  • Special Thanks : Ira for being the model of the character Kzarine, and for providing us with the photograph of Prince Aradan’s character. She’s a wonderful fan.
  • Athens, Greece

Veronica CastroVeronica Castro

  • Special Thanks : Veronica for being the model of the character Sabryana.
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

Alice Spiegel

  • Special Thanks : Alice for being the model of the character Zabrina.
  • Siberia

Francesca Jones

  • Special Thanks : Full-time-pharmacist-turned-model Francesca for being the original face of Princess Sabryana.
  • Aberdeen, Scotland

Tim Smith

  • Special Thanks : Tim for his editing support on the preview novel.
  • Crofton, Maryland

Sabrina GoldsteinSabrina Goldstein

  • Special Thanks : Sabrina Goldstein for being a great inspiration for one of the beautiful characters in the Axtelera Ray book series.
  • Florida, United States

AngelosAngelo Poulopoulos

  • Special Thanks : Angelo for providing great linguistic support on the books as well as the merchandise. A terrific guy.
  • Halkidiki, Greece

Eric CabreraEric Cabrera

  • Special Thanks : Eric Cabrera.
  • United States