About Team Plankton

We call ourselves ‘Team Plankton’ in honour of the creatures at the bottom of the food chain. These microscopic organisms could so often get demotivated, regularly pushed away and ignored by the big fish in a vast ocean. They are nowhere on the map, but we know they play a vital role in our eco-system. Plankton are the foundation of marine life, and their existence sustains our world. When plankton come together, they light up the darkness, and we can do the same with our talents. Team Plankton is a group of animators, illustrators, graphic designers and music technology students, and we know our trade very well.

We help and support anyone; volunteering for charities as well as assisting non-profit organisations and larger companies. For every minute we work, each of us will have a huge smile on our face, for we recognise that to not enjoy it means to not change anything.

Moreover, Team Plankton wants to inspire and motivate the people around us. It is a wide world out there, full of opportunities, and we are already creating our own. If you are interested in joining us, you are most welcome to join us.

Meet the team (Co-Founders)

Prateek Mathur

Meni Etim

Greta Zabulyte

Lila Kozdra

Emma Prunty

Alex Sepel

Easter Egg Splash

Easter: This video was inspired by the ‘Time Warp’ show from Discovery Channel.

What will you do? on the Moon?

Question: You are an Astronaut and you go to the moon, your spaceship break down, you have two weeks of supply, you know you gonna die, So what you going to do?

Tough Mudder

Pro entry: Tough Mudder – hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle race

Delta Force UK

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