Making this trailer was an adventure in itself. We filmed in a variety of different locations, from Greater London to the Peak District (England). It was by choosing our filming days carefully that we achieved the atmosphere we wanted for this sneak peek of the wonderful world  of Axtelera Ray: Rise of Astrone.

The locations we filmed included Black Park Country Park. Mixing woodland and grassy areas, connected by an enchanting lake, the place had great potential. The woods themselves had a variety of greenery, creating the illusion of different locations. One of the shots shown in our trailer involves a character running between tall trees. This haunting scenery immediately caught our interest, and almost resulted in our team getting lost in the woods. Another shot was taken by the lake. Trees grew right on the shore, twisting upwards and extending above the water to cast eerie reflections on the surface. Needless to say, it was exactly the type of scenery we had in mind for one of the key moments of the book.

We later filmed in the Peak District, at Lyme Park in Cheshire. This huge estate managed by the National Trust offered so many different locations that it was hard for us to settle on a decision. The interior of the mansion was beautiful but, for the purpose of our film, we were more interested in capturing the landscape. We were lucky to shoot during a misty day. The thick fog engulfed the gardens surrounding the house, and created an air of mystery perfect for our depiction of Octavia. We wanted to showcase a part of the Axtelera Ray world without divulging too much, leaving the viewers wanting to know more. The mansion and gardens can be seen in the second half of the trailer.

Once the filming was complete, it all came together in post-production. The voiceover was recorded, the music was mixed, and the VFX were added, bringing our vision to life. We hope the questions raised in this short teaser will entice you to seek the answers in our first novel, Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone.

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Behind the scenes
Filming Locations
Black Park Country Park
National Trust - Lyme
Paragliding Octeville