Glossary of terms

Welcome to the glossary of Axtelera Ray, where you can find the definition / explanation of terms and characters present throughout our novel and AXR Bible.

  • a

  • Aesir
    Primary race of Norse gods (Aes sing.)
  • Aether
    The firmament beyond the breathable atmosphere
  • Aeztsal
    Lady Ammannad’s mansion in Andlang
  • Age of Immortals
    The golden age of the Forefathers, prior to their visits to Earth
  • Alfar
    Norse elves (Alf sing.)
  • Alfheim
    A realm of Yggdrasil, native home of the Alfar
  • Allfather
    Ruler of the Norse pantheon
  • Alsvid
    Named after a steed of the Norse goddess Sol
  • Ancient Greek
    The culture and belief system of the Ancient Greeks
  • Andlang
    A settlement in Alfheim
  • Anglo-Saxons
    A branch of Germanic peoples who settled in England
  • Anunnaki
    Sumerian gods
  • Arvak
    Named after a steed of the Norse goddess Sol
  • Asgard
    A realm of Yggdrasil, native home of the Aesir
  • Athens
    The capital city of Greece, home to Demitra
  • Audumla’s Breath
    A waterfall of clouds, named for the primordial Norse cow
  • b

  • Bragi
    Norse God of Poetry
  • Brighton
    A city on England’s southern coast, home to Victor
  • Brunnak
    An orchard in Asgard, once home to Idunn and Bragi
  • c

  • Chancellor
    Elected leader of the Gladsheim Parliament
  • Chosen
    Earthborn summoned by the Fates to serve a purpose
  • Crown Jewels
    The royal crowns and various ceremonial objects of a kingdom
  • d

  • Dainn
    An historical ruler of the Alfar
  • Dawn Age
    The earliest age in Octavia’s existence
  • Delling
    Norse God of Dawn and Light
  • Destined
    Octavians who possess supernatural abilities
  • Dvergar
    Norse dwarfs (Dverg sing.)
  • e

  • Earthborn
    Octavian term for humans
  • Eclipse
    A full or partial alignment of the Earth, Sun and Moon
  • Einherjar
    Royal Army of Yggdrasil (einherji sing.)
  • Eos
    Ancient Greek Goddess of the Dawn
  • Essence
    Octavian equivalent of a soul, embodied in a crystal
  • Everstar
    A Destined’s Essence rarely left behind at death
  • f

  • Fates
    Ancient mystical forces that govern Octavia
  • Fimbulvet
    The Everwinter Forest in Alfheim
  • Forefathers
    Influential Octavians who lived during the Age of Immortals
  • Frey
    Norse God of Prosperity and Fertility
  • Freya
    Norse Goddess of Fertility, Beauty and Sorcery
  • g

  • General
    High Commander of the Einherjar
  • Gladsheim
    Democratic Parliament of Yggdrasil
  • Gullinkambi
    Ancient brass warhorn used to herald Ragnarok
  • h

  • High King
    Elected leader of Octavia, bearer of the Qualia
  • i

  • Idunn
    Norse Goddess associated with eternal youth
  • Ifing
    The stretch of water between Asgard and Jotunheim
  • Ivaldi
    A Dverg historically famed for his exceptional smithing skills
  • j

  • Jotnar
    Norse giants (Jotun sing.)
  • Jotunheim
    A realm of Yggdrasil, native home of the Jotnar
  • l

  • Lampos
    Named after a steed of the Greek goddess Eos.
  • Lindormar
    Norse wingless dragons (Lindorm sing.)
  • London
    Capital city of England and the United Kingdom
  • m

  • Mages
    Those capable of channeling starspells from Everstars
  • Magitech
    Technology that harnesses the power of crystals
  • Marduk
    Babylonian Supreme God of Judgement and Magic
  • Myrkvid
    A forest in both Jotunheim and Wanaham
  • n

  • Neuro-conduction
    A way of symbiotically connecting with skystallions
  • Neuroglove/helm
    Technology used during neuro-conduction
  • Nidafjoll
    The mountain range between Alfheim and Nidavellir
  • Nidavellir
    A realm of Yggdrasil, native home of the Dvergar
  • Norse
    The culture and belief system of the Vikings
  • o

  • Octavia
    The otherworld in which the story is set
  • Odin
    Norse Supreme God of Battle, Knowledge, Magic and more
  • Odin’s Tower
    The primary watchtower of Valhalla, contains Gullinkambi
  • Otherworld
    A parallel world to Earth, often considered supernatural
  • p

  • Phaethon
    Named after a steed of the Greek goddess Eos
  • q

  • Qualia
    An ancient object of tremendous power, kept by the High King
  • r

  • Ragnarok
    A catastrophic chain of events in Yggdrasil’s history
  • s

  • Saxon
    The culture and belief system of some Germanic peoples
  • Sindri
    Capital city of Nidavellir
  • Skinfaxen
    Skystallions from Norse myth (Skinfaxi sing.)
  • Skyrider
    One who rides skystallions
  • Skystallion
    Flying horses
  • Starspells
    Magic channeled from Everstars and cast by mages
  • Stellarheim
    Capital city of Asgard, formerly called Idavoll, home to Valhalla
  • Svafnir’s Cave
    A cave on the Nidafjoll, named for the dragon Svafnir
  • t

  • Thing
    A Viking council
  • Thor
    Norse God of Thunder and Strength
  • Tianzhu
    A kingdom of Octavia, the Heavenly Pillar of Chinese myth
  • Titanes
    Secondary race of Ancient Greek gods (Titan sing.)
  • u

  • Utgard
    Capital city of Jotunheim
  • v

  • Valhalla
    Royal Palace of Yggdrasil, located in Stellarheim
  • Valknut
    Sacred Norse symbol of interlocked triangles
  • Valknut Accord
    Royal, parliamentary and military recognition of new Allfather
  • Vanir
    Secondary race of Norse gods (Van sing.)
  • Vidblain
    A city in Alfheim
  • Vikings
    Historical sea-faring warriors from Northern Europe
  • Viscounts
    Standard politicians of Yggdrasil
  • Void
    The interdimensional space between Earth and Octavia
  • w

  • Wanaham
    A realm of Yggdrasil, native home of the Wena
  • Wena
    Anglo-Saxon equivalent of the Vanir (Wane sing.)
  • World Tree
    The concept of a celestial tree that connects the universe
  • y

  • Yggdrasil
    A kingdom of Octavia, the World Tree of Norse myth
  • Yngvi
    The real name of Frey