What if the mythology of our world…was just the history of theirs?


Demitra Hecataki is a spirited street magician from Greece who craves adventure and an escape from her boring life.

Victor Garnett is a popular schoolboy from England, hiding a curious secret about his recurring dreams.

Robin Windsor is a clever young man from India, descended from British royalty and determined to help his country win its independence.

But, how are these three connected?


Octavia: an otherworld of transcendent kingdoms that has prospered in peace and unity for an Age.

The Kingdom of Yggdrasil is in mourning, shaken to its core by the terrible events that have befallen Valhalla. With the future shrouded in uncertainty and the governing authorities betrayed by deceit, the fate of Octavia rests on the shoulders of what few gifted individuals have denounced the reign of the new Allfather. As support for the opposition gathers in secret, even the knowledge of things to come cannot stop time running out.

decryptionMeanwhile, Victor and Demitra both suddenly find themselves in the possession of mysterious crystals: glowing stones that display the same cryptic message as Victor’s dreams. It’s not long before the pair are thrust headfirst into the midst of a dangerous struggle, sent to join forces with a company of mythical beings to uncover the truth and reclaim the Throne for Valhalla.

However, just as the Octavians of eons past boasted extraordinary abilities on Earth, so do the Earthborn in Octavia. Armed with powers sourced from their celestial crystals, Victor and Demitra must overcome their differences if they are to survive rides on flying horses, battles with giant wolves, being hunted by the feared Dragon Assassin, and a conspiracy so damning that it will change Octavia forever.

As they career towards an unforgettable climax, the Earthborn will have to risk everything if they are to succeed, and unleash the strongest magic of them all: Axtelera Ray.

The time has come for the Chosen to rise…

The tale is primarily told through the eyes of Victor and Demitra, explaining the details of this fantastical world from their perspective, but does incorporate other characters to provide a fuller overview of the interweaving story arcs. In addition, there is a sub-plot set in the early 20th century that follows the life of Robin and his brother Aryan, but their journey will not be revealed until the book’s full release.


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Axtelera Ray: The Chronicles of Astrone is the first novel in an epic saga that fuses fantasy and superheroes with real historical events. The book draws also heavily from Norse, Germanic, Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Slavic, Celtic and Native American mythology to create a unique story that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  Due for release in 2018.

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S. G. Mulholland