Races and Creatures

Drakes are enormous and vicious reptilian monsters with four legs and leathery wings that can span several dozen feet. Other than their ability to unleash infernos from their throats, males are easily distinguished by the huge ivory horns on their crown; a female’s are much shorter. While most species of dragon are territorial and rarely travel far from their dwelling, Drakes have been known to fly great distances to hunt or to fight. The largest concentration of their nests can be found in the volcanic regions of Muspellheim, though they also inhabit a number of islands in the Sea of Stoorworm to the west of Yggdrasil, where terrible battles can often erupt with the native Dreigiau. One of the most notorious Drakes in recent times was Villield – called the “Wildfire” – who burned Kžarine’s hometown to the ground. The scales of their hide are fireproof and considered to be among the strongest substances in Octavia, used in the manufacturing of dragonhide armour.


Lindormar are wingless dragons with two clawed forearms, thick horns and a spear-like tail, and can grow up to seventy feet in length. Their habitat tends to be swamps or isolated lakes, particularly those shaded by trees, with much of their life spent in water. They are reclusive in nature but fiercely territorial, and have been known to venture from their homes in search of food or in pursuit of anyone or anything that has stolen from them. While most Lindormar species have been eradicated from Asgard, some still remain in the southern boglands of Niflheim, and the forests of Wanaham are too vast to accurately monitor their numbers…


Native to the dark mountains and permafrost wastelands of Northern Yggdrasil, Wyverns share common traits with both Drakes and Lindormar. Similar in size to Drakes, they have two legs and two enormous wings, with hooked claws along their joints. Their crowns and tails boast barbed spikes, and their hides are as hard as diamond, with colours ranging from sable to snow white. Despite how large they can grow, however, Wyverns spend much of the adult life nesting, hoarding whatever treasures they scavenge, and guarding them with their very being. The most famous of Yggdrasil’s historical dragons is Nidhögg, a huge and malicious Wyvern that roamed the Nidafjoll during the Age of Immortals, feasting on men, wights and cattle alike.