The Jotnar of Jotunheim are a race of giants whose appearance is very similar to that of the Aesir and Vanir, though some are significantly taller. Angered by tyranny in the past, many of them supported the rebellion of Ragnarok, and have since enjoyed their increased influence in the governance of the Kingdom of Yggdrasil. However, while a high percentage of the population has interbred and migrated to other realms, resentment still linger below the surface of society. They are naturally impulsive and temperamental, but fiercely proud of their ancestral heritage dating back tens of thousands of years. The main Jotnar communities are found in the farmlands of the Utgardar province, though some still prefer the outlying mountains or forests. A number of their castles and courts have survived as long as their dynasties, and their architecture revolves around the use of stone. Lady Orkaja – a descendant of Lord Frey and Lady Gerd – is their highest ranking official, and her council meets at Utgard, the historic fortress and capital city of Jotunheim..


The Muspellsynir are a race of giants with dark skin and fiery veins, and who can tolerate the great heat of their volcanic realm. Despite being at peace with the rest of Yggdrasil, they keep themselves reasonably isolated. They can be rash and overbearing in nature, and retain ancient grudges of oppression. It was their ancestors – supported by many outside forces – who initiated the terrible war of Ragnarok and changed life in Octavia forever, something which every Muspellson knows and takes pride in. Strength and resolve are the attributes that these fire giants strive for, making them either tough opponents or useful allies on the political front. Lord Hitidrottin is their highest ranking official, and his council meets at Hraunstad, the capital city of Muspellheim.


The Hrimthursar (rime ogres) are the oldest of Yggdrasil’s native races. Evolving during the Age of Primordials to form a tribal society in the glacial lands of Niflheim, they valued strength and fighting prowess above all else. The monstrous Ymir ruled the clans for hundreds of years until they were almost entirely eradicated by a great flood. Modern Jotnar are descended from the survivors who interbred with men, while small communities of pureblood ogres still exist in the wintry wastelands. Large, muscular and slow-minded in general, a Hrimthurs’ skin is icy blue, and 1 in every 100 born has 3 heads. Lord Johym is their highest ranking official, and his council meets at the coastal town of Hrymhofen, the capital of Niflheim.


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