A teenage Earthborn street magician with a lust for adventure, her unique healing qualities betray the broody and apathetic demeanour she tries so hard to hide behind

For Demitra Hecataki, home has always been the busy streets of Athens, Greece, showcasing her card tricks and petty illusions to the tourists of Syntagma Square. The middle child of a working-class family, she regularly feels ignored and unappreciated, and her father – once her hero – is rarely around anymore. She can be blunt with her words and rash with her actions, but these are nothing more than a defense mechanism, and it has cost her the respect of friends and audiences in the past.

When a strange crystal suddenly presents itself to Demi on the night of her fourteenth birthday celebrations, the focus of this boring life shifts completely. Having spent her childhood dreaming of fighting sea monsters with pirate brethren or uncovering deadly controversies with fellow international spies, or even undertaking great odysseys on behalf of Mighty Zeus, she will soon find herself caught up in a damning conspiracy she has not bargained for, and will have to adapt quickly to survive. The crystal has granted her tremendous power in Octavia, but it is a race against time to unlock its true worth, and discover her role in the events to come.

She has been Chosen

FUN FACT: Demi has a better relationship with her housecat, Mr Jiggers, than she does with most people.




A princess whose love for her family and the beauty in nature is matched only by her aptitude in the art of spellcasting, and the wrath she will bring forth upon those who have wronged her.

The daughter of King Astrone and Queen Zabrina, Sabryana is adored throughout the Realm of Asgard and indeed the Kingdom of Yggdrasil. The jewel of her father’s eye, she is affectionately known as the Little Sorceress for her raw magical potential and education on advanced starspells. She has a good heart, and believes that kindness and courage can be a shining beacon in even the blackest night. However, having witnessed a brutal murder, she must abandon her privileged life to lead a rebellion against the usurper.

Behind her youthful complexion and inexperienced eyes, Sabryana is cunning and clever, and will do whatever it takes to expose the conspiracy that surrounds the Throne of Valhalla. She is prepared to stare danger in the face and make impossible decisions, but only when the moment is right will she unleash her secret weapon: the Earthborn. As the princess’ loyal friends ready themselves for civil war, she conceals from them her own desperate struggles to control her newly-inherited precognition gifts, as well as the dark details of her plot to restore balance to the kingdom…

FUN FACT: Sabryana’s natural Destined ability is skinchanging, and she has always loved transforming into a mermaid of Atlantis.




One of only a few females to have ever ranked as a Commander of the Royal Army, the Dragon Assassin is a lethal martial artist, and a master of stealth and espionage.

Hailing from Wanaham, home to the Wena race of men, Kžarine is an uncompromising and often detached woman who has dedicated most of her life to neutralising conflict. While the truth of her childhood is obscured by rumours and hushed whispers among her subordinates, it is undeniable that she is well educated in enhanced swordplay, hand-to-hand combat and strategic military reconnaissance, adopting several ancient styles not found in the Kingdom of Yggdrasil.

She is a fierce and respected warrior, loyal to the Throne of Valhalla, and her swift rise through the ranks of the Einherjar earned her a close alliance with Prince Zordan. She now leads her own commando unit known as the Huntsmen, specialising in the capture or termination of monsters, which utilises her Destined gifts to their maximum potential. Rejecting armour and wielding her infamous blade, Hydrapier, it is often said that behind her long hair as black as obsidian, Kžarine sees more than any man on the battlefield, but hides the scars of her past…

FUN FACT: Her stylish longsword, Hydrapier, is made from the bones of an actual Hydra, and is capable of piercing the hide of any dragon.




Victor Garnett is a popular schoolboy from England, hiding a curious secret about his recurring dreams.

  • King Astrone
  • Robin
  • Raven
  • Zordan