There are few races of men in Octavia more handsome and admired than the Aesir. Blond-haired and blue-eyed, they are clever and proud by nature, but the centuries have proven they also harbour a lust for conflict. Hailing from the East prior to the Age of Immortals, these pioneering men first settled in what is now Asgard, slowly growing in numbers and enforcing their will upon Yggdrasil’s inhabitants. The Aesir have always valued the finer things in life, and several of their historic castles and golden palaces are extravagant beyond measure. Lady Forseila is their highest ranking official, and her council meets at the Gladsheim Parliament in Stellarheim, the capital city of Asgard.


For millennia, the Wena have been the lesser known of Yggdrasil’s two races of men. Traditionally red- or dark-haired, with milky complexions and keen minds, they are descended from the sea-faring warriors of the island kingdoms to the west. They built their towns and villages primarily along the coasts of Wanaham, and their love of fighting was replaced over time by a fondness in the natural beauty of their realm. Since surrendering full autonomy after the Aesir-Wena War, they have always strived to serve Yggdrasil with distinction, producing some of the most successful politicians, soldiers and artists in the kingdom’s history, not to mention the Valkyries trained at Folkwang. Lord Neox is their highest ranking official, and his council meets in Noaton, the capital city of Wanaham.


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Tuath Dé

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