A youthful but benevolent prince who believes in honour and justice, and is envied far and wide for his unique powers.

The youngest of King Astrone’s three children, Aradan was raised in the Royal Palace of Valhalla with his sister, Sabryana, and brother, Zordan. He is adored by his family and people of Yggdrasil. and from an early age displayed signs of possessing very special Destined abilities. Unlike Zordan, though, the call of duty of the Einherjar – the Royal Army – held no interest and, as he grew older, Aradan refused to flaunt these rare gifts, instead developing them for his own learning and the benefit of the kingdom. However, watchful eyes from near and far have begun to covet that which makes him unique. It is only a matter of time before his strength is called upon to defend everything he has ever known, everything he has ever loved…

FUN FACT: Aradan’s favourite place to relax is under Laerad, the ancient ash tree in the garden atop Valhalla, because it reminds him of his place in the world.


Queen Zabrina

A righteous queen and powerful sorceress with unparalleled skills in charming an audience and seeing the future.

Born into the Royal Palace of Yggdrasil, Zabrina was the sole heir to the Throne of Valhalla, well-versed in etiquette and Octavian politics. She is descended from two great races – the Aesir and the Wena – and takes an interest in the history of these once-warring ancestors. Growing up in Stellarheim, capital city of Yggdrasil, she was educated in the ancient arts of spellcasting, and boasts an impressive array of magical talents, though her own Destined ability is precognition. Meeting and falling for the mysterious Astrone, the two were wed, eventually ascending to the Throne to preside over the Kingdom of Yggdrasil with peace and wisdom. A strong-willed but caring woman, she is as much a loving mother to her subjects as she is to her own three children, Zordan, Sabryana and Aradan. However, as the unity of the queen’s family begins to crumble over time, these maternal impulses are strained to breaking point, and she is forced to choose between sacrificing everything and the survival of Octavia.

FUN FACT: The people of Yggdrasil – and, of course, all Octavia – know King Astrone by his Destined name, Peacemaker, but Zabrina alone calls her husband the Starfallen.

  • Aryan
  • Shi Hou
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  • Ammannad
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