The elves of Alfheim are a beautiful and civilised race which chooses diplomacy over conflict to settle disputes. They are traditionally slender and elegant in stature, with radiant skin, platinum-gold hair and a gilded sheen to their narrowed eyes. Though mortal, the Alfar live extraordinarily long lives when compared to other races, and often appear youthful. Their hearts and minds are firmly rooted in nature, masters in agriculture, and the design of their towns and cities honour this by incorporating a lot of water, wood, glass and open spaces. Elves are considered wise and kind, and their magical abilities are varied, though they specialise in clairvoyance. Lady Ammannad is their highest ranking official, and her council meets at Vidblain, the capital city of Alfheim.


The Dvergar of Nidavellir are a dwarf race of miners and master craftsmen who are by nature curt and reclusive, but far less isolated and unwelcoming than the days of old. Their subterranean cities cut from the cavernous rock are gleaming with red gold and other precious metals, and the fiery forges deep beneath the mountains never stop. Sensitive to natural light, they mostly live below ground, though some small communities can be found in the shaded areas around Yggdrasil. Dvergar generally boast muscular physiques, with black hair, piercing blue eyes that glow to help them see in the dark, and swarthy skin toughened by generations of mining. They also age slower than most other races. Though their political agendas are regularly accused of benefitting Nidavellir rather than Yggdrasil as a whole, their wisdom is unquestionable, and their counsel is often heeded. Lord Ivalnir is their highest ranking official, and his council meets at Sindri, the capital city of Nidavellir.


An ancient and private race, the Huldrafolk were the original inhabitants of the forests that range between Alfheim, Jotunheim and Wanaham. They are particularly fond of pine woodlands, and what isolated communities still remain can be found there, but their clans have mainly dispersed among the general populations of Yggdrasil. Huldrafolk are similar in appearance to the Alfar, but with the notable distinction of having a cow-like tail. The most famous Hulder is Bjarg, commander of the Valkyries.


The Niflungar are an elf-like race who dwell in the frozen lands of Northern Yggdrasil where night is eternal. They generally boast athletic builds, with silvery skin and light-sensitive eyes that shine like rubies. Masters of stealth and secret-keeping, they have been known to often act selfishly, and share a love of hoarding gold with the native Wyverns. Since the times of Odin the Terrible, the Niflungar have found their primary source of employment in the prison facilities of Eljudnir and Nastrond. It has long been tradition that the Warden of Hel also represents the realm’s interests at the Gladsheim Parliament, but much has changed since Ragnarok, and many a Niflung seeks opportunities further afield. Lady Svellja is their highest ranking official, and her council meets at the fortress of Eljudnir, capital of Hel.