Ocean Tears

A whale in the sky!

Published on: 17 Jul 2019 at 19:36

Ocean Tears

Have you spotted it? A shadow looming over Manchester. A whale in the sky! It flies through the air, slaloming between buildings and disappearing as swiftly as it appeared. A friendly reminder that something is afoot.

Even filled with good intentions, we have been destroying countless of our fauna’s habitats, forcing animals out of their home. The whale is a reminder that in the near future they may have nowhere to go. It’s a terrifying thought and we want to raise awareness. Our friendly whale roams the world in search of a new home but wouldn’t be perfect if it could simply go back to its rightful one?

With the help of this concept, I want to spread awareness about how much pain we are causing to the animals. These animals that can’t express themselves as we do.

I want to use my skills to share this with the world and to inspire other artists to do the same. I would like every one to share and spread the word.

– Prateek Mathur (Alroy)

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FREE 3D Model - How to use 3D animated model of a whale
3D Model of whale
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  • Animate OBJ sequence
  • Perfect loop – 558 .obj files
  • Poly faces – 111760
Texture Maps
  • Diffuse Map
  • Normal Map
  • Glossiness Map
  • Height Map
  • Specular Map
  • Opacity Map
  • Native software Autodesk Maya
  • Work great with Adobe After Effect – Element 3D
  • Custom texturing can be done by using Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop
Look at the WHALE in the sky

Published on 19 July 2019 – Location Manchester UK – Artist: Prateek Mathur

  • 🌍 Earth: You still haven’t found a new earth to live on. So you will be staying on the same planet. Give some respect.
  • 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️Humans: I will save my planet 🌏. Wait, let me just wrap my cucumbers 🥒 in plastic.
  • 🐳 Whales: Thank you humans for destroying our home, now we have no choice but to make your cities our oceans.
    (Save the Oceans project to spread the awareness “Ocean Tears”)

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