Christopher T. Pesce

Shocked and Awekword
Christopher T. Pesce

Christopher T. Pesce is a semisedentary homo sapien-sapien. Born on Long Island, New York during the cold war. Third and fourth generation Italian-American. Sports, family, mischief, and comedy. En route to Parris Island, South Carolina, summer of 2004, Pesce began Marine Corps boot camp. As a motor transport marine he was stationed at Twentynine Palms, California, later deploying to Western Al Anbar Province, Iraq, summer of 2006. Pesce moved to Los Angeles to begin college following an honorable discharge, moved to San Francisco to finish college with degrees in U.S. history, social and behavioral sciences, as well as TEFL certifications. Pesce moved to the North Eastern Sierras to contemplate, paint, and write, ending up in Oaxaca, Mexico for a little while to explore, teach and wait for the snows to return. He continues to live, paint, and write in Tahoe; two ladies, both named B.B. keep him happy and healthy and he tries to do the same in return.

Shocked and Awekword: American Vernacular

Author shares handful of thoughts through poetry, art Christopher T. Pesce writes poetry, paint pictures of ‘the landscape’ in ‘Shocked and Awekword: American Vernacular’

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Poetry and art sporadically worked their ways into and out of Pesce’s life. As an adult, writing and painting became Pesce’s preferred routes towards organizing his thoughts. Slowly overtime, this book curated itself, according to Pesce, resulting in: “Shocked and Awekword: American Vernacular” (published by Xlibris). It is a poetry and art book written by a 30-year-old that lives in the mountains. Pesce is obsessed with his dog, Bora Bora and to describe her, he quotes Madonna in the classic film: “A League of Their Own,” by saying: “It’s more than just a name, it’s an attitude…” He enjoys quiet moments and conversing with creative minds, and he attempts to transcend twice a day. The difference between love and lust are contemplated in the book, the curious nature of a U.S. Marine Corps and Iraq War Veteran living in post-9/11 America is explored.

“There is a renewed interest in poetry. Poetry never went away, but lately I have noticed a renewed interest by would-be-outsiders of the discipline itself. Poetry either tries to make a simple topic difficult, or a difficult topic simple. Much of a Poet’s drive is to write concisely and in a truthful manner” Pesce shares. He wanted to put another point of view out into the atmosphere. Some of his most genuine thoughts come from personal experiences, conversations with people known to him, as well as conversations with cigarette smoking stranger “buddies” on streets in various places, usually shivering. He, and rightfully so, questions the “relevancy” of anything in today’s society, and doesn’t want to put that kind of pressure on the back of his one hundred sixteen page baby. Egalitarianism is explored, being a veteran of arguably the most unpopular war in American history is an underlying theme, American art and culture are celebrated. The take-away for the reader is this: “We are all in this together… That is fact. Both great and terrifying, factual information.” This is Pesce’s first book to be published, a solid prefacing passage is titled: “Type-T: Predominantly — I think about moving and movement and mountains. Ultimately — I think about moving mountains.”

  • Book One: Shocked and Awekword
  • Hardcover: 8.5×8.5in | 116 pages | ISBN 9781543420159
  • Softcover: 8.5×8.5in | 116 pages | ISBN 9781543420142
  • E-Book: 116 pages | ISBN 9781543420135
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